Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Windy day

As demonstrated here by Merry's ears, it was very windy on the downs today, and freezing cold. Apparently meeting people is so easy when you've got a dog, but we've not found this and have made few friends on the downs (dog walking central in Guildford) and Merry's social skills get steadily worse. This year I'm determined to get more doggy friends for her, and hope the snappiness stops when pooches approach for a sniff.

I was thinking about this and the other things I want to do as part of my brilliant year - things I've always fancied doing but never actually done. So I'm devising a check list (I love a list) of things I want to achieve and checking them off on the blog. I'm listing the mostly achievable stuff for this year like making ice cream and revisiting yoga, but making another to do list for years to come such as seeing the northern lights and becoming the second Mrs Hugh Jackman - James won't mind loosing me to the Wolverine. I've asked, it's fine.

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