Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter at Chez Peene

The annual egg tree
My simnel cake - Thank you Mary Berry

A hive of activity at the Peene dining table

A car crash of eggs ready for rolling (or smashing!). From left to right: 
The Easter Bunny, Eggy Potter + broom and snitch, An egg-lesiastical, 
Egg2-D2, The amazing Spider Egg, Princess 'Layer', C-3P-yoke, 
Professor M-egG-onagall, and H-egg-rid, by Rob, Tom, Mum, 
Jossie, Mat, James, Lizzie and me.

Easter Sunday was going to be a sedate and relaxed kind of affair with all my family over for afternoon tea. However, James and I thought a spot of egg decorating and consequent, egg rolling would be in order, as suggested by my lovely friend Beth, and fun and hilarity ensued.

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