Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A better, brilliant life

It's a week into 2013, but I have decided to dedicate this year to living a brilliant life.

Being very poorly for 7 years has been a hard slog, and I've spent too much time doing not too much. This is not who I was. But I started this year with a new treatment - A new start - and now have more time to myself so I'm experimenting with new experiences and saying 'yes' to opportunities and asking myself, 'Does this make me feel brilliant?!' I believe that this is the best way to full health. This year is about me being happy, being me.

Obviously I don't want to change everything. I have a lovely life with my husband James and hairy sausage dog, Merry, but not sure they always have a lovely life with me and my uncertainty about the way my life is going - changes need to be made. So, this week I have set up a Thursday morning pilates class, a new blog, start pottery classes after 6 months off sick, and am looking into trying new things that I've been putting off for years like tap dancing(!). Setting up a blog and sharing my thoughts is so daunting, and not normally my sort of thing, but by logging my progress I have an outside chance of keeping this up. 

Wish me luck - whoever you are. x

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