Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bright white

I've had an enjoyable sort of day, rearranging, styling and reconstructing the lounge after the decorating, and using the opportunity to take some photos (above) for my Instagram page. We, James actually, painted the walls white last week, but with the snowy weather reflecting light off the freshly painted walls, the result was nothing if not blinding. We've always painted our walls white in an attempt to recreate a scandinavian style home (in Surrey!) but this time I wondered if we'd made a mistake. Superman's ice sculpture type house (fortress of solitude for any geeks reading this - I googled it) could not have felt colder. However, the snow has mostly melted now, our stuff is slowly finding new homes and our lounge is looking as lovely as we'd hoped. Still slightly dazzling, but so much more conducive to taking an oh so stylish Instagram pic.

Although our style is not at all scandinavian with bright colours scattered all about, I perv over scandinavian style blogs like a magpie looking at shiny things. Emma's scandinavian blog and
Style files blog (suggested by my friend Gayle, who knows I love a stylish picture) are my favourites, and for shopping the super lovely Hus&Hem.

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