Sunday, 13 January 2013

A lick of paint

We have decided to paint the lounge brilliant white, and nothing is more brilliant than that. As with every single house we have lived in, painting the walls white is a must, and is normally the first job to be done. But we have been living in a magnolia cocoon for over a year now and I have found my Instagram pictures just don't have the desired effect against a magnolia backdrop.

In my quest to fill my life with brilliance, I have realised that to just try new things all the time will be so discombobulating and exhausting, I'll wish I hadn't started. So, I've also decided to focus on the things I already enjoy. I'm going to be trying more recipes, taking more photos, experimenting with my illustration, attempting more complicated knits and, my most favourite past time of all, enjoying more general home making, hence the white walls. I think the cushion fabric above from Hus & Hem would make an excellent start. Lovely.

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