Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter sun

A long walk with Merry on the downs today. It was perishingly cold, with the sun making no difference whatsoever to the temperature, but Merry seemed to love it as always.

I've also spent the day trying to sort a new phone. Although happy with my current one, it's undoubtedly dated and a bit sad. But most importantly, the camera is awful and not at all conducive to blogging and being able to take fabulous pics at a moments notice. Being a potential customer with no current contract, I assumed the world would be my oyster in phone terms. I was wrong. But after some judicious rummaging around, various phone calls and some excellent advice from my brother, who seems to have an innate knowledge of these things, I'm hooked up. Or will be when it finally arrives.


  1. Very nice picture of Merry. I've downloaded it for our pics.... which now i've said that seems a little pervy.

  2. I love the trees. Very Angie Lewin....and Merry looks like she's seen something.....very interesting!